Factory Fujian Sunshine Fulgent Sun Footwear Sunny Footwear Hubei Sunsmile Footwear Sunbow Enterprises Sun Ray Footwear
Certificate GORE-TEX Approval GORE-TEX Approval ISO 9001︰2008
GB/T 19001-2008
GORE-TEX Approval GORE-TEX Approval GORE-TEX Approval
SATRA Laboratory Approval SATRA Laboratory Approval SATRA Laboratory Approval

ISO 9001 : 2008

GB/T 19001-2008
Skills & Products Capacity of various shoes:
Cement shoes:
sneakers, running shoes, tennis shoes, high-top sneakers, snow shoes, sports sandals, casual shoes, outdoor shoes, waterproof shoes and GORE -TEX shoes
Vulcanized products:
shell shoes and vulcanized shoes
Workshop composition:
rubber outsole, EVA, injection EVA, embroidery, print,
high frequency and laser
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